6 Charities Breaking Mental Health Stigmas

the Daffy team

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All across America, we are seeing rising levels of mental health disorders among our adolescence.

A recent New York Times article titled, ‘It’s Life or Death’: The Mental Health Crisis Among U.S. Teens detailed increases predating the COVID-19 pandemic in depressive episodes, anxiety, mood disorders, self-harm, and the number of suicides. And with a severe shortage of therapists, this crisis shows no sign of slowing down.

This mental health crisis affects everyone and we have the power to do something about it. So for this Mental Health Awareness Month, we've chosen to spotlight mental health charities Daffy members have donated to in 2022.

Here are six of the countless local and national charities combating the mental health crisis:

If you are having thoughts of suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255 (TALK) or go to for a list of additional resources.

Asian Mental Health Collective

What it does: In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we start with the Asian Mental Health Collective (AMHC). Since 2008, mental illness has been on the rise for AAPI people between the ages of 18-25. They are also the least likely of any racial-ethnic group to seek help.

That’s why the Asian Mental Health Collective (AMHC) is on a mission to normalize and de-stigmatize mental health within the Asian community by making mental health resources available, approachable, and accessible to Asian communities worldwide.

Key programming your funds will support:

  • Projects such as their Facebook group, resource library, video web series, and meetup groups
  • Their Therapist Directory that aids individuals in search of a therapist

If you care about: Making mental health easily available to Asian communities worldwide 👉 Donate today.

Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation

What it does: According to the Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry,  the suicide rate among Black youth has continued to worsen in the United States since 2003.

Started by Taraji P. Henson, the Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation’s mission is to provide support and bring awareness around mental health to the African-American community.

Key programming your funds will support:

  • Free therapy sessions for young people
  • Virtual mental wellness hangouts for young people

If you care about: Eradicating the stigma around mental health issues in the African-American community 👉  Donate today.

Jed Foundation

What it does: The Jed Foundation focuses on protecting the emotional health of teens and young adults through the implementation of suicide prevention programs and systems with their high school and college partners. These programs reach millions of young people every year and focus on equipping young people with life skills and building resiliency.

Research shows that building resiliency and life skills can encourage help-seeking and help-giving behaviors that will support overall well-being in teens and young adults.

Key programming your funds will support:

  • Mental health programming for 9,000 individuals through partnerships with high schools, colleges, and universities
  • Partnerships with local communities that focus on reducing the stigma of mental health (more than 2 million teens and their families have used JED’s 'Set to Go' program to prepare emotionally for the transition to college and adult life)
  • Digital outreach initiatives to engage teens and young adults

If you care about: Supporting the emotional well-being and mental health of teens and young adults  👉  Donate today.

National Eating Disorder Association

What it does: Of the 30 million people in the U.S. that have an eating disorder, 95% of those people are between the ages of 12 and 25. The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) hopes to change that by supporting the individuals and families affected by eating disorders through preventative measures and access to quality care.

Key programming your funds will support:

  • An eating disorder helpline
  • Support groups and research studies
  • Screening and treatments for eating disorders
  • Legislative advocacy
  • Community and fundraising events

If you care about: Building a world free of eating disorders 👉 Donate today.

Made of Millions

What it does: Made of Millions Foundation is using the power of art, media, and digital technology, to transform how the world perceives mental health. By changing the way how today’s youth imagines mental health, they hope to create a safer and more inclusive future for anyone who suffers from mental illness.

Key programming your funds will support:

  • The creation of free mental health tools such as educational live streams, workplace mental health training tools, and videos
  • Their team of writers, designers, advocates, and doctors

If you care about: Changing how the world perceives mental health 👉 Donate today.

Trevor Project

What it does: It only takes one accepting adult to decrease the risk of suicide by 40% for LGBTQ young people. The Trevor Project, the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ young people, provides 24/7 crisis counseling, resources, and communities to help young LGBTQ people.

Key programming your funds will support:

  • The Trevor Lifeline, a free, confidential, and secure 24/7 phone number for  LGBTQ young people to reach out to when they are struggling with issues such as coming out, LGBTQ identity, depression, and suicide
  • The training of their volunteer team
  • Training workshops and strategic partnerships across the United States to help allies and educators understand the needs of the LGBTQ young people
  • Their work with policymakers to pass legislation protecting young LGBTQ people

If you care about: Building a safer, more inclusive world for LGBTQ youth 👉 Donate today.

While we have a long way to go to help to turn the tide, giving to these charities is a great way to reduce the stigma around mental health and encourage honest conversations.