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Computers 2 Kids, San Diego

San Diego, CA

Location8324 Miramar Mall
MissionWith the COVID-19 Pandemic causing school closures, thousands of students are trying to complete their education from home, many without access to a computer. C2K currently is refurbishing and distributing 20,000+ computers in stock to meet this demand. C2K believes all children and their families, regardless of their economic status, need to be computer literate and have equal access to technology and the crucial educational, occupational, and financial resources that technology can provide to improve their educational options and their futures. C2K provides a secure, green, and tax-deductible service to the community by accepting their eWaste as a charitable donation, and either recycling it, or refurbishing it and providing it to low-income families.
AboutC2SDK receives donated computers from individuals and businesses located in San Diego County and refurbishes them. Computers are loaded with Microsoft Windows operating system, Microsoft Office productivity software, and educational software focusing on math and logic, language arts, science, social studies, art and music, computer programming, and life skills. The computers are then placed in the homes of underprivileged families throughout San Diego County. Since inception, C2SDK has distributed more than 108,000 computers to low income families in San Diego County. We provide training at select local libraries and offer 1 year free technical support to all recipients. In 2019, C2SDK distributed 11,582 computers to low income families our goal was to increase distribution to 10,000 per year by 2020. We reached and surpassed this goal in 2019. Recipients are asked to give a small donation to offset refurbishment costs the revenue above reflects donations received and sales of one of a kind items that cannot be given to families large printers and photocopiers.