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Rose City Rollers

Portland, OR

LocationPO Box 86885
MissionThe Rose City Rollers (RCR) mission is to serve women, girls, and non-binary people who want to play roller derby and connect with an inclusive community. Through team sport, RCR helps athletes learn life skills that serve them beyond derby.
AboutEvent Production: RCR produces high-quality, all-ages roller derby sporting events that include announcers, Livestream, food and drink, DJ, half-time show, and fan engagement activities. Often this level of fanfare is reserved for male sports only. RCR, however, proves that hundreds of fans are just as eager to cheer on women, girls, and non-binary athletes to play a strategic, female-dominated, full-contact sport. Each year over 30,000 people come to the Hangar to watch the incredible athleticism and teamwork of women's and junior roller derby.