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Sunflower Wellness

San Francisco, CA

Location584 Castro Street Room 250
MissionEmpower people living w/ cancer to find strength and support thru exercise. Bridge gap betw med. treatment physical activity by working w/ oncologists to bring exercise directly to patients.
AboutFitness Club Operate gym class membership programs at multiple Bay Area gyms to provide ongoing exercise opportunities for people living with cancer. In 2018, we taught a total of 5 weekly classes. Exercise Counseling Operate Cancer-Exercise Counseling services at clinical locations from Marin County to the South Bay, including at Marin General Hospital, UCSFs Cancer Center, and the Stanford Cancer Center. We also offer free Exercise Counseling sessions at Charlotte Maxwell Clinic in Oakland, at the Shanti Project in San Francisco, and to patients at Kaiser in Marin and San Francisco, in addition to patients at other locations.