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Girls Incorporated of Lakeland

Lakeland, FL

LocationPO Box 1975
MissionTo provide a positive and nurturing environment for girls and young women to assist in their health, social, educational, vocational, and character development. Girls Incorporated of Lakeland offers the only daily after school and summer program for girls in grades K-12 in West Polk County. Our program incorporates learning into fun activities, while encouraging our girls to overcome physical, academic and emotional roadblocks. We promote an environment that empowers girls to reach their full potential and to understand, value, and assert their rights. A key component at Girls Inc. of Lakeland is its tutorial program. Tutoring services are available daily for girls who are performing below grade level in reading and/or math. We find that when the girls are not performing at grade level, the academic setbacks are often compounded by behavioral and self-esteem issues. Our goal is that every girl participating in the tutorial program will improve a grade level or more in reading and/or math over the course of the school year. We are able to measure each girl's progress through Discovery, a researched based assessment tool that evaluates, monitors, and benchmarks progress made by the girls over the school year. In addition, we offer a summer tutorial program to ensure that the girls' academic skills continue over the summer because studies have shown that children can lose academic ground without consistent application of skills. We are proud of our reputation in our community for providing a structured, loving environment where girls come to learn, play, mature, and develop into strong, smart, and bold girls.